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Modification Whitelisting

posted on November 27, 2019

Hey squaddies!

As many of you know, Offworld Industries was founded by a group of modders that met while working on the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2. We joined forces and worked together to create something even bigger and, thus, Squad was born. 

Through hard work and the continued support from our community, we’ve managed to build Squad into what it is today. We’ve been extremely fortunate to have a Squad modding community develop around our humble beginnings. We cherish those modders and we want to truly show our support for their passion.

Today, we’re extremely proud to announce our whitelisting process for mods! Whitelisting will allow licensed servers to run approved mods directly in the main server browser.

 In two weeks’ time (bet you thought we were going to say three), on (approximately) December 10, 2019, the whitelisted mod application will open up and the first mods will begin being whitelisted shortly after that.

Why not head over to the Squad Workshop page and do some recon now?

What is it?

Whitelisting is Offworld Industries’ official thumbs up for a mod that we see shows creativity, ambition, curiosity, innovation, and accomplishment. We’re looking for modifications that stand out by promoting teamwork, innovation, skill development, or are just downright pushing the envelope in what it means to have fun playing Squad — mods that really take everyone to new places without forgetting their roots!

Mods that are a good candidate for whitelisting should be engaging, innovative, and offer more than the base Squad experience — no matter if they’re building on it or changing it entirely. Whether your focus is on perfecting the AK-47 line of weaponry or creating a new drone racing league, we want to see what your imagination can dream up for the community.

Once a mod has met our criteria for selection, we’ll ensure that the mod developer keeps it ready for you to enjoy.

Whitelisting applications will then go through a full-scale whitelist playtest event which will ensure that they are fully ready to go, as well as being the right fight for the legion of squaddies out there.

For all information on the whitelisting process and all the whitelisting criteria, click here.

Offworld out.