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The Wrench – October 2019

posted on October 18, 2019

Hey squaddies,

Oh heck yeah, the first Wrench after the release of Alpha 16! We’re already seeing people upping their chopper game and, even better, upping their map game FOR choppers. Let’s check out the latest and greatest in Squad modding, soldiers!

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Air Superiority by Bill Nye

We’re welcoming modding veteran Bill Nye back this month with his latest entry. This time, Air Superiority aims to dedicate a mode to capturing a large section of airspace in the middle of a map. Reminiscent of King of the Hill, the vertical twist is sure to keep squaddies looking over their shoulders.

Not content with developing a new mode, the Air Superiority mod also changes up some of the chopper mechanics. With 8-12 choppers on each map have been tweaked to standardize door gunner arcs and increased penetration over Vanilla helicopters, chopper to chopper combat becomes a lot more deadly.


Lastly, controlling the capture area causes heavy bleed, which should help concentrate all the action. Sounds like a blast!

Australian Faction by Aussie Mod Team

Things are really blowing up over on the Aussie Mod Team: they’re showing off their explosive charge, for one.

The Bushmaster Remote Weapon System is coming along nicely and they’ve included a little peek at how you’ll be hauling grunts across their battlefields.

YouTube video

Squad ProMod by ProMod Team

If you’re looking for a mod made by people who know all the ins-and-outs of Squad, it would be hard to do better than the ProMod Team

Work continues apace to eke out the best Squad experience they can imagine with work on their versions of Operation First Light and Fool’s Road shaping up nicely. A welcome sight to many veteran squaddies, for sure.

They’ve also added a Team Deathmatch mode featuring small layers, 10-second respawns, and all kits unlocked. It sounds like a fantastic way to get a server seeded without the need for special rules!

Armored Vehicle Rework by AVR Mod Team

The Armored Vehicle Rework is back with heaps of new content, including the latest from SPECTR_Eternal! Sort of a one-two punch of awesome, if we do say so ourselves.

Rolling out for this month’s Wrench, the AVR Mod Team has been working on an upgraded T-72B3M obr. 2016, complete with functioning ERA arrays on turret and hull!

YouTube video


As you can see above, they’ve shared the T-62 Adjustable Sight Test video featuring those ERA arrays mentioned above. Beautiful work, folks!

YouTube video

And they have, of course, saved the best for last: the Mi-8 Hip is getting a little upgrade for Close Air Support. You want explosions? You got ‘em! The Mi-8 CAS features a hefty complement of 80mm S-8KOM dumbfire rockets.

Road to Kandahar by Matt “fatmarrow” Farrow


While Road to Kandahar wasn’t necessarily built with Squad in mind, fatmarrow couldn’t pass up the chance to create some unorthodox gameplay. What makes the mod stand out? From the man himself:

The level features cinematic helicopters (before helis were cool), jet fly-bys and occasional random, deadly bombing run to keep you on your toes. One of the objectives is also dynamically placed along a road. (this is slightly bugged at the moment, just aim for where the line bends.)”

There are also day and night versions, in addition to the dawn version shown here. If you’d like to help Matt get some large scale playtesting in, you can check out The Fat Cave in your Squad server browser.


Head over to the mod’s Workshop page to get set up before you go!


Svinesund by Alac


Is that a snowy deathtrap we see? It sure is, and that means it’s time for an update from Alac!

We’re treated to a glimpse of the recent focus on Points of Interest on the map, including the new Svinesund bridge, everyone’s favorite Burger Kirg, and a strategic radar station.

Knowing snowy landscapes can be a little sparse, Alac is focusing on creating unique and exciting locations for both ease of navigation and brutal firefights. A huge customs facility is next up for work with plenty more buildings just waiting to be deployed.

Unnamed by FAR-STAN

YouTube video

Want a chance to name a Squad mod? FAR-STAN enters the fray, asking for your help!

With a beautiful new map featuring an Indonesian flare, the intent is to load it down with risers and favelas, populating the 1 km^2 map.

Check out some more videos and let him know what you think it should be called!

Arctic Warfare Mod by XanderDal

XanderDal is currently revising their Arctic Warfare mod to feature different variations of game modes, potentially including one more before it heads to release. Also included will be helicopter spawns for some of the larger modes — better practice that tutorial now!

True to the combined arms nature of Squad, the mod will feature Territory Control as the largest game mode and require strong teamwork to manage both the action at the front and the logistics in the rear. Bring your A-game if you want to survive the cold.


Ugly Squadlings by Nitronik

Still in its infancy (much like your fledgling squadmates), Ugly Squadlings aims to overhaul Squad’s gunplay and kits for smaller maps, and a little more arcade-like action.

YouTube video

The video included by Nitronik shows off some of the early tweaks, including tweaked iron sight zoom and lack of free aim sway.

Squad Server Manager by Napster653


A bit more a tool than a mod, it still seems like a natural fit for something called The Wrench, right? 

Napster653 has set out to answer the prayers of many server owners by offering a new-fangled way to manage your dedicated server. Heck, once it’s installed, all you need is a web browser! (We know you’ve got them down pat.)

With just a bit more work to do, Squad Server Manager will release soon and will feature:

  • Squad server installation to a specific route.
  • Ability to visualize a server’s installation progress.
  • Dashboard with controls for starting, stopping and restarting servers.
  • Editor for server launch parameters.
  • Simple interfaces to edit your config files.
  • MOTD WYSIWYG editor.
  • Admins.cfg and Bans.cfg advanced editors.
  • MapRotation.cfg editor with auto-complete features.

Head over to the GitHub repository to snag the latest version when it’s ready to roll.

Iron Dawn by SPECTR_Eternal

Continuing to grow alongside both the SquadJam mod and the Armored Vehicle Rework, Iron Dawn returns to The Wrench this month. Always a welcome sight!

This time, SPECTR_Eternal shares his progress on a water purification facility along the river and a battle-scarred complex suitable for vehicle combat that’s sure to end up a graveyard as the battle rages on.

Gulf of Finland by Hawken

Oh snap, Hawken has released Gulf of Finland! What are you waiting for? More details? No problem!

Gulf of Finland will feature teams hopping between seven islands, needing to make careful and liberal use of choppers. It comes complete with a Territory Control layer as well as 2 AAS layers.

You can grab it by heading over to the Steam Workshop. Go already!

Bundeswehr Mod: Fulda Gap Map by Bundeswehr Mod Team

Made possible by the collective efforts of Gunslinger, [ODIN] Hangrath, [DSK] LieutenantK, Cpt. Brotzeit, and [DSK] Elmo, the Bundeswehr Mod is ready to show off their first map!

Russian forces have overrun the vital city of Fulda, in Hessia.

Amidst the chaos and klaxons of evacuation, NATO Forces hastily prepare their defensive positions around the town of Uttrichshausen and the A7 Autobahn-Viaduct. Will they be able to stop the Russian tank rush for Munich and Frankfurt? (Hint: That’s up to you, soldier!)

Started in August of 2019, the map is already showing remarkable development thanks to the team’s use of real satellite data. Nearly a one-to-one creation, you’ll find the Autobahn A66, Autobahn A7, as well as part of Germany’s longest high-speed rail tunnel.

Additionally, 12 settlements of varied sizes are situated in lush valleys and on richly forested mountains. The first playable layer will be set around the village of Uttrichshausen, just south of Fulda. If you’d like to get involved, learn more, or offer your feedback, be sure to join their Discord server.

Baghdad by T/5 Perez-Pantoja

Heck yeah, we got another one that’s ready to roll right now! This time from the 29th Infantry Division as rendered by T/5 Perez-Pantoja.

They’re happy to report it’s already being used effectively to run drills and features a little USMC action.


Next steps include fleshing out AAS and RAAS layers with even more team matchups.

Of course, they’ll be getting ready for choppers too. Oorah!


Yikes! That may have been one of the longest Wrenches so far! Which mods are you going to check out first?

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Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.

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