Now Testing Alpha 15

posted on July 11, 2019

Hey squaddies! 

We’re taking Alpha 15 into testing and that means we need you! The update will be rolling out to the Squad – Public Testing Client shortly. You won’t need a password, simply install the testing app. (Note: It is a full, second Squad install — be sure you have enough space!)

The test does not have a set duration at this time — we’ll be running it as long as we need to collect as much data as possible.

Below is an abridged list of changes to get you up and running. A complete Alpha 15 changelog will accompany the full release.

Alpha 15 Pre-Release Changelog

Note: The test server has been updated with an additional release. See the bottom of the changelog for updates.


As this is a pre-release test, we’ll be hosting a couple of servers ourselves. For the time being, servers will be limited to Offworld Industries hosted machines:

2 in Montreal, Canada
2 in Örebro, Sweden

Server #1 on each location is running newly optimized maps. (Yehorivka, Gorodok, Tallil, Kohat)
Server #2 on each location is running TC layers of all current existing maps.

If at any point the servers should crash, please contact [M] Nordic Socialist#5510 on our Community Discord server.


  • Added an Infantry Tutorial orientated putting players through basic.
  • Added an Interface Tutorial that teaches the Deployment interface.
  • Added the ability to load and unload supplies via the Vehicle Interaction Radial Menu. This allows players to load and unload supplies from a stationary vehicle via one common menu now, from inside or outside of the vehicle. This allows multiplayer players to coordinate resupplying.
  • Removed Left Click/Right Click system for loading and unloading supplies.
  • Removed Voice Command system temporarily pending further internal development.

Vehicle Gameplay

  • Added the BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle. 
  • Tweaked vehicle claiming system numbers 
    • 2 vehicles require 2 squad members
    • 3 vehicles require 4 squad members,
    • 4 vehicles require 6 squad members.

Deployables Gameplay

  • FOB Radios will disable spawning on HAB’s if the Radio’s been damaged and its health has fallen below 75%.
  • All HESCO related deployables have had their visuals updated.


  • Substantially improved performance on Kohat Toi River Valley, Tallil Outskirts, and Gorodok maps. 
  • Visually updated Gorodok.
  • Improved collisions on Tallil’s residential buildings and improved performance.
  • Updated foliage and landscape on Gorodok for improved, blended appearance.
  • Fools Road lighting & foliage updated.

User Interface

  • Re-Added Spawn Confirmation. 
  • Fixed some kits appearing unavailable.
  • Modding UI updates.
  • Added 10-second delay before an incapacitated player can use Medic Callout button, and increased the Medic Callout interval from every 5 seconds to every 30 seconds.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rocket engine motor effects still playing after the rocket has exploded.
  • Fixed missing hat on one of the Insurgent soldiers as it LOD transitioned.
  • Fixed first person mesh oddities when exiting Admin Cam.
  • Fixed issue where vehicle ATGMs weren’t dealing damage after 500m+ 
  • Attempted fix for ragdoll issues caused by origin rebasing 
  • Fixed a bug where you bandage gets consumed after you patch already patched soldier
  • Fixed couple of server and client crashes

Known Issues

  • ATGMs projectile desync for proxies (other clients that are not gunner)
  • Unable to switch seats inside a vehicle after opening and closing the ‘F’ menu
  • Vehicle icons disappear from the mini-map after some distance
  • Missing bullet impact effects on Yehorivka’s landscape
  • Enemy’s Faction theme may play and display their flag in Deployment Menu after team change

July 12 Update

  • Fixed turrets and vehicles not being always relevant.
  • Fixed Sumari’s ability to send you through the world and walls.
  • Tweaks to Yehorivka and Fools Road lighting.
  • Fixes to various gameplay layers.
  • Yehorivka’s impact effects and physmat issues are known and may be addressed in the next hotfix. There is no need to report missing impact effect on landscape or that driving feels like you are skating on ice. Thank you for your diligence!


Have fun out there, squaddies! Be sure to let us know if you encounter bugs, oddities, or just have some feedback for us.

Offworld out.