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The Wrench – June 2019

posted on June 18, 2019

Hey soldiers!

Whether summer is nearly here or just a sweet memory (Sorry, Aussie Mod Team), there’s no better reason than The Wrench to close the blinds, fire up the gaming rig, and get into some sweet, sweet modding. Let’s roll!

Join us on the Community Modding Discord where you can join discussions and meet the modding community. It’s a great place to share your ideas and passions with like-minded people that will happily help you create something awesome.

A Quick SDK Update by Phil

Everyone’s favorite UAV-developer hybrid has a quick update for us on the status of the SDK. “We’re testing the runtime components to get as good a picture as we can of the stability and edge cases. Renn [Blueprint Designer] is making a video to help our awesome modders update their creations for the new version of the SDK.” Stay tuned for more as we smash the last of the bugs.

Green Zone by Hawken

Hawken describes Green Zone as his “first proper map!” If that’s true, there’s a whole heck of a bright future to come! Designed to allow the Militia to engage in guerilla warfare against the U.S. Forces, they’ll still have to be cautious in the wide open areas where armor is sure to chew things up. Belts of thick vegetation and compounds should help them achieve just that.

Stressing gameplay and verticality, the smaller map (about 1 km^2) should be perfect for more intimate scrimmages or seeding. We’re looking forward to seeing this one in action!

Iron Dawn by SPECTR_Eternal

Clocking in on the opposite end of the size scale, SPECTR_Eternal brings us the latest shots from his masterpiece-in-progress.

Iron Dawn continues to grow more (sometimes) hidden military installations and civilian structures, creating a sharp contrast to the natural beauty of the map.

Frozen lakes, rivers, and deep forests may limit mobility, but you’re going to need to come heavy if you expect to clear out all those facilities. Better double-check that repair kit.

VDV Airborne Armour by moments_project

YouTube video


moments_project has set out to recreate as many vehicles from the BMD family as they can, starting with the classic BMD-2 IFV, the BTR-D APC, and the BMD-4 family later on. The first two will also have variants developed to give as much realistic functionality to players as possible.

Version 0, featured here, is already being built and should surface as soon as the SDK is ready. In the meantime, moments_project would love your feedback on their first Wrench submission!

YouTube video


Australian Faction by Aussie Mod Team

From the depths of Australian winter, the Aussie Mod Team has been keeping themselves warm with CPU heat. This time, they’ve sent along a first-look at some character models.

Just above, the Australian squad leader model is fully geared up and ready to show off his T-pose. Below, you’ll find the steadfast Rifleman as backup.

Lastly, they’ve animated their EF88 and included some footage of it kicking ass left and right:

If you’d like more updates or want to get involved, be sure to visit the Aussie Mod Team Discord and say hello! (Not everyone says g’day, ya know.)

Finnish Defense Forces by FDFMod Team

Always a welcome addition to The Wrench, the FDFMod Team has sent some care packages from Beyond the Wall. The team is currently getting heavy weapon models and textures ready, but they’ve got a little somethin’ else to blow you away too:

Inspired by previous photogrammetry experiments going well, they’re proceeding to use those techniques on some parts of the soldier model.

French Foreign Legion by French Foreign Legion Mod Team

YouTube video

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard from the French Foreign Legion Mod Team, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been quietly busy!

Here they’re showing off some steady progress on the Eotech 553 (with help from Fishman), vehicle improvements, and the FRF2. Can’t wait to see more, as always!

Pishchiv by Hangrath

Fans of his previous map, Elvedalen, will be super excited to see Hangrath sharing a new bit of work. Pishchiv is a fictional Ukrainian farmland setting that’s about to be ripped apart as British and Russian forces face off.

Numerous small villages and wide open opens provide the perfect arena to turn what was once a peaceful pastoral province into a terrifying modern battlefield.


What a great mix of old favorites and new faces! We don’t know about you folks, but we can’t wait to see these rolling out to live servers. Until the next time, may all your airs be conditioned.

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