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Squad World Championship

posted on February 6, 2019

Be a Champion

Have you been looking for something a little more organized than hopping into a pub? Need more international squaddies in your life? Look no further than the Squad World Championship!

Bringing together highly skilled squadmates from around the globe, SWC started as a top-notch tournament but has become something much more: a community and a mod too! Better yet, Season 2 is starting soon and they’ve even got a playtest coming up. You’re invited!

The Tournament

Beginning on February 18th, Squad World Championship, Season 2 will feature 7 weeks of intense 30 versus 30 combat. 16 teams will be pitted against each other in four stages of Swiss Style competition, dynamically pairing similarly-skilled opponents to keep the matchups challenging and exciting. The action then moves into an elimination bracket, encouraging every team to fight their hardest for the glory of victory. Using their own Competitive Advance and Secure game mode, every team has a chance to take on the role of each faction once. Have a Russian bias? Now’s your chance to prove it!

After the 60-minute rounds have settled, the winner is determined by overall ticket different. Simple, clean, and to the point. What’s more, clearly defined tournament settings and rules set the stage for intense, balanced competitive combat.

Sound good? Want to know more? They have a complete listing of rules, scoring, and everything else you need for Season 2 right here.

The Mod

Looking for a more customized competitive experience, the SWC team has developed and begun testing the SWCMod 2.0. Picking up where spectator cam leaves off is only just the beginning. The mod allows for customization of ticket bleed, capture values, ticket costs, and even introducers event and team logos! Further, it enhances the streaming experience by offering features like picture-in-picture camera, teleporting to POIs, and killfeed. These modders are making the tournament work for you and that means we ALL get to enjoy a better show!

Sound cool? Check out some of those features in action on the SWCMod YouTube playlist. You can download the mod directly from the Steam Workshop page.

Maps and Modes

Crafting the best tournament you can is no small challenge and a key part of that development is digging into maps to find the right combination for a fight. Undertaking not only to adjust gameplay for a competitive focus, SWC’s mod team has opened up customized settings, as well as upgraded maps and lighting. They’ve gone on to formulate Competitive AAS and Competitive Skirmish as the primary modes for play.

The Playtest

Owing to the fact that no plan survives first contact with the enemy, the SWC is putting their modifications to the test. On Saturday, February 9th at 1900 UTC, SWCMod 2.0 will be getting a shakedown run and you’re invited! The event will be casted by the OG hypeman: JohnnyOmaha!

If you’re not in the Squad World Championship Discord, get there now!


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