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New Website Launch

posted on December 19, 2018

Hey soldiers!

Every now and then the folks back at HQ see fit to send us some shiny new gear! This holiday season, we’ve unwrapped a shiny new website. You may have noticed a few changes.

First and foremost, welcome to the modern web! We’ve overhauled just about everything to modern standards. Heck, we’ve even got a WYSIWYG editor in the backend now! Even better, we can feature more content without knocking the latest patch notes off the page.

Secondly, check out that calendar: it’s got a bunch of community and official events. Whether you’re looking for a SquadChat or the next round of organized play, there should be something going on in the Squad world for you. Want your event there? Let us know!

Third, we’ve got some more helpful links spread throughout the site, especially just below the fold. We know the battlefield is a rough place and we’re doing our part to help make it a little more friendly. Keep a lookout for more helpful and informative updates as we put the finishing touches on Squad and more.

So, there you have it: brand new look, same ol’ Squad. We’re putting our dress formals on; it’s gonna be a big year! While most of the content may not strike you as new just yet, we now have a web platform which is built for expansion and easier changes, so look out for some more changes coming up in the future!

Liking the new duds? Something broken? Be sure to let us know in the forums!

Offworld out.