Alpha 11.1

posted on May 21, 2018

Hey Soldiers,

It has been three weeks since Alpha 11 entered public testing. While Alpha 11 was in a relatively stable state, we released it without fixing many of the bugs you reported right away. Alpha 11.1 is a minor patch to incorporate those fixes. Some of the changes are intended to help with the balance of the game after closely observing gameplay these past weeks.

Patch Notes

  • Reworked bandage / medic bag code for better responsiveness.
  • Fixed mods not loading if a clean installation of Squad was performed.
  • Fixed vehicles desyncing between client and server.
  • Increased speed of nametags fading in.
  • Fixed a vehicle seat state that exposed soldiers.
  • Fixed emplacement scope overlays not disappearing when the emplacement gets destroyed.
  • Fixed scopes on heavy weapons automatically unzooming and other bugs with these scopes.
  • Fixed being able to freelook while ADSing on scoped emplaced weapons.
  • Improved INS player models.
  • Updated AG 36 texture.
  • Fixed LOD meshes on the M240 and M249.
  • Several improvements on weapon animations.
  • Fixed wheel dirt effects on US truck.
  • Fixed a rare server crash that happened when a soldier was hit directly by a mortar smoke round.
  • Fixed squad-members not being able to force others out of vehicle their squad owned by entering the vehicle from the outside.
  • Fixed driving collisions on BTRs and the British truck.
  • Fixed desert BTRs having green woodland periscope meshes.
  • Fixed mines sometimes not triggering for some trucks.
  • Updated Insurgent deployable razor wire to be double stack.
  • Fixed collisions on a bush.
  • Updated localization.
  • Removed tracers from Militia and INS infantry weapons.
  • Changed INS HAT to SKS as primary weapon.
  • Adjusted cost of several deployables. TOWs are now 600 construction points.
  • TOW rearm cost increased to 500 points.
  • Changed ticket cost of vehicles:
    • IFVs (FV510, M2) – 25
    • Heavy APCs (30mm RUS APCs) – 20
    • Medium APCs (M1126, 14.5mm RUS APCs) – 15
    • Light APCs, MRAPs, AA vehicles, SPG Techi – 10
    • Trucks, Technicals – 5
    • Motorbikes – 1
  • Changed Kamdesh AAS v1 to Invasion v3 and added a new AAS v1 layer
  • On Chora Conquest v1 – replaced the INS faction with the Russian faction for balance
  • Added Kamdesh INS v2, Narva Invasion v2
  • Added Firing Range v2 with US/RU factions
  • Fixes on the following map layers:
    • Albasrah Invasion v1, v2, PAAS v1, v2
    • Belaya AAS v1, v2, v3, Invasion v1, v2, PAAS v1
    • Chora AAS v1, v2, PAAS v1, v2, Invasion v1, CQ v1
    • Fool’s Road AAS v1, v2, v3, v4, Skirmish
    • Gorodok AAS v1, v2, v3, v4, Invasion V1, v2
    • Kamdesh AAS v1, Inf, INS v1, Invasion v1, v2, v3
    • Kohat AAS v1, v2, Invasion v1
    • Kokan AAS v1, v2, PAAS v1
    • Logar AAS v1, PAAS v1
    • Mestia AAS v1, v2, Invasion v1, v2, PAAS v1
    • Narva AAS v1, v2, v3, Invasion v1, v2, PAAS v1, v2
    • OPFL AAS v1
    • Sumari AAS v1, v2, v3, Inf
    • Yehorivka AAS v3, Invasion v1, v2


Thank you so much for your feedback! Your dedication keeps us going.

Offworld out.