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The Wrench – March 2018

posted on April 17, 2018

Hi Squaddies,

March is behind us and with it another exciting month of Modding! We were thinking long and hard about a joke involving the Ides of March but since nothing made the cut, just take the hard facts: we received a lot of awesome updates from our community which we are more than happy to present to you.

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Al Basrah Storm + Night Variation by Stadl0r

We love modders who take the approach of making existing things more interesting. Stadl0r did this very well in his project to make some environment variations for Al Basrah by making a nice dusty storm variation. It’s very well done and looks pretty much spot on.

Sightlines are reduced and engagement ranges drop down by quite a bit. He also made a beautiful night variation with some new light objects which is worth having a look at. (Take a friend. It’s dangerous to go alone.)

Firepower: WW2 Combined Arms Total Conversion

World War 2 is up and coming and we love to see Modders tackling this conflict. This submission came out of the dark: a World War 2 total conversion mod focusing on combined arms in the Pacific theatre. They are currently very early in development but we can already see some very nice things in this update and hope we’ll see more in the future!

Finkarus by LoRDHitMan

Finkarus was first released on the Steam Workshop in March and has seen some great updates since them. Dedicated Wrenchers can still remember the first time we saw this map and it is great to see it released. It’s a 5x5km map with different time of day versions, pitting the Russian Ground Forces against the US Army. Be sure to check out LoRDHitMan’s hard work on the Steam Workshop here.

Sands of Yanya by bestpony

Well-known modder bestpony is back with another map, and this time we’re headed to a coastal region. A beach littered with Czech hedgehogs, crumbled bunkers that still make for an ample defense position, and thick forests make for a hard-fought battlefield which we cannot wait to set our virtual feet on it.

Foreign Legion Mod by Squad Mod France

A very welcome and well known regular on the Wrench, the French Foreign Legion Mod brings us some very nice updates again this month with their new model of an AMX 10 RC and a nice work in progress on their HK417 for the more infantry focused fans! As always you can check out their updates on their website.

Dzhungli by dsiOne

Set in a heavy early morning fog this map puts the very mobile Militia Forces in a battle against heavily mechanized Russian Ground Forces that are defending an old Soviet compound. Dominated by a thick and unpassable Siberian forest which is only broken up by a raging river and some steep cliffs, forces will have to fight to control the crossing points to make sure they can move on vehicles.

Operation Silver by EliteLurker

Released a while back, Operation Silver has been one of the early favourites of the Modding Community. EliteLurker hasn’t stopped to rest though, steadily improving his map by including a soon to be released night version.

Operation Silver also featured in the LevelGaming 40v40 competitive league tournament. Included in the Steam Workshop download is a small bonus fun map named RoadRage, made for excessive vehicle mayhem, check it out on the Steam Workshop!



That’s it for this month people, we hope you enjoyed reading through this as much as we enjoyed collecting and providing it for you. As always, if you want to see your work in here one day, just submit it to us! We’re looking forward to seeing your hard work.

Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.

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