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Recap – February 2018

posted on March 1, 2018

Hey Squaddies,

Just because February is the shortest month of the year doesn’t mean we haven’t been as productive as usual! Most of the team is still deep in the heart of winter, so let’s see what they’ve been doing to keep themselves warm. (Hint: It involves some new weapons, maps, and other upgrades!)

Like the previous recap, we’ve selected work that’s nearing completion, but not quite ready yet — work in progress. Don’t worry, though, you’ll have your hot little hands on it in the near future.

Art and Environment

Squad’s artists are always hard at work, whether it be on the latest weapon models coming to the game, or working hard to make the maps and their environs look beautiful, play well, and accurately represent the world we all want to play in. As diverse as their interests, each artist brings their love of their subject to the table.

New Weapon: AT-4

Entering into service in the late 1980s, the AT-4 is a single-shot anti-tank weapon that gives infantry a chance to level the playing (and/or battle) field with impressive firepower. (Big-bada-boom.) Primarily intended for taking out armored vehicles and fortifications, it should be a welcome asset to squaddies taking on the anti-armor role. Careful, though — tickle the wrong armor and you will need to move ASAP.

New Weapon: L129 A1

The British are coming! And you’ll just have to forgive that reference. Fortunately for us, they are coming fully armed and ready for action, as evidenced by the fine work on this L129 A1. The rifle, designed for the harsh environments of Afghanistan, should find itself right at home on the upcoming Kamdesh Highlands map. Don’t forget the microfiber cloth for that ACOG — there’s nothing worse than sun glare through a smudge.

HESCO Structure Upgrade

While starting the work on Fallujah, we knew it will be our best-looking map to date. Still, we didn’t want to leave the rest of the game untouched. We’ve started a side project called Make Squad Great Again! (Not that it ever wasn’t. ;)) The goal is to give our existing assets and maps a fresh look — we’re talking about a complete rework, not just a simple texture tweak. To give you an idea how serious, we proudly present everybody’s favorite home away from home, the HESCO:

A special shoutout to OWI’s own Tristan “Ghaz” Mills for kicking ALL of the ass on these. Can’t wait to see them in the field.

New Building Model

Not content just to spruce up the old buildings, the team is hard at work creating more assets to bring Squad to life. Featured here is a multi-level building for the upcoming Fallujah map. With the recent addition of climbing and vaulting, this structure should prove an interesting challenge to clear and secure. It’s bound to work its way into some other maps, so be sure to watch for it coming to the SDK too.


Speaking of maps, there’s more than just Fallujah in the works. Those lucky enough to catch Axton or ChanceBrahh streaming their workflow know that not only is Kamdesh Highlands evolving, but some of the previously released maps are getting some TLC. The mapping team is hard at work making sure Squad’s environments come to life in a realistic — and fun — way.

Update: Kamdesh Highlands

The Kamdesh Highlands of Afghanistan have been host to some of the most intense fighting in recent years and bringing them to life accurately is a challenge the mapping team has a handle on, without a doubt.

Previously featured in recaps, Kamdesh is shaping up to be a fierce battleground using the team’s latest tricks and techniques. It continues to shape up to be one of the most beautiful environments to join the map list.

The high peaks, dangerous slopes, and sharp falls into valleys should prove just as potent of an enemy as the OPFOR. We’re honestly relieved nobody has to visit during monsoon season.

Gorodok Update Pass

Though Gorodok is still an old favorite, it could use a little Spring cleaning. Enter Axton. Under his expert eye, Gorodok is looking to receive some optimization that includes foliage draws, experimenting with distance fields, casting more impressive shadows, and even addressing some of the map’s giant rock demons threatening the borders. Ahem. Since it’s experimental, we’ll have to wait for all the splines to reticulate before checking out the optimizations.

Be sure to check out some of Axton’s previous streams to get a better feel for what’s happening to Gorodok, as it happened. Ain’t technology amazing?


SquadCast by TacticalGamer

Tired of having to use your eyes all the time? We got your back and your ears. The folks at TacticalGamer recently had a chance to sit down with Drav and Merlin, some of the amazing minds (and talent) driving the development of Squad. Settle in for about an hour of SquadCast and, when you’re done, let us know what you think in the forums.

Listen Now!

Reddit AMA

With the help of the r/JoinSquad moderators, carefully monitored doses of caffeine, and your questions, we took to Reddit with an AMA! A huge thank you to everyone who participated. If your question wasn’t answered this time, don’t worry: we’re already planning for the next AMA. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog-ready version of the text soon. In the meantime:

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And so we find ourselves at the end of another Recap! A big thank you to the artists (code or otherwise!) that made this recap happen. Did you see something you want to talk about? Something you want to see next month? Sound off to your next favorite squad leader in the Squad Community Discord. Until next time, squaddies.

Offworld out.