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Stack-Up Air Assault

posted on January 19, 2018

Hey Squaddies!

We know needs no introduction among Squaddies — you all absolutely crushed it during Veterans Day — but did you know about their Air Assaults program?

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What could be more awesome than Air Assaults? The opportunity to be part of one, of course! Stack-Up and Squad are back together to bring two veterans from our amazing community into the game. Like, really, really into the game.

We’re honored to be able to offer the opportunity for two lucky folks to join us for a motion capture session. Stack-Up is going to transport a couple of lucky veterans out to Vancouver this March for the full Tron treatment. If you remember our last motion capture session, you know there’s no better place than Animatrik and we’re pleased to be going back.

How can you get involved? Our amazing partners, who have made our work with Stack-Up such a success, will be providing the application until February 4th during their streams, directly to the community that makes it all possible. You can find them here:

Want in? Tune in!

  • HAYNICK31 will be broadcasting the FEAR ACADEMY v FULL+PROG ISKT match on 1/21/2018 @ 9:30 AM PT
  • JohnnyOmaha presents the Weekly Modding Roundup on 1/20/2018 @ 11:30 AM PT and NAS 1/21/2018 @ 5:00 PM PT.
  • Karmakut will be broadcasting on his new stream schedule.
  • DesmoLocke will be performing DesmoLockely. Aww yeah.

So, what do you say? Want to really get into Squad? Prove it! Tune in, sign up, and sound off at us @JoinSquad. Don’t forget to get your passport ready!

Please note that the Air Assault is only open to military veterans residing in the USA or Canada. A valid passport may be required! All entries must be completed by 2/4/2018.

Offworld out.