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Alpha 10 Public Test

posted on December 21, 2017

Hey Squaddies,

We’ve made the feature list, we’re checking it twice, and we’re definitely going to find out who’s been naughty or nice, the Alpha 10 test run is coming to town! For about 24 hours starting on December 21, 6 PM UTC/10:00 AM PST. The test has been extended to Saturday! Get your test on! We’ve released a public test version of Squad Alpha 10 for everyone — yes, you in the back, you can download and play, all you need is Squad. Be sure to use the Custom Servers tab for the Public Test.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a work in progress! Alpha 10 is still undergoing active development and does not have a scheduled release date. It will be more than three weeks; consider yourself warned! The contents of this public test are subject to change and may not be representative of the final release.

In other words, it’s not done yet, but we want your feedback! And your bug reports. Expect bugs, quirks, server performance, and extra steps to be required. (See below!)

Get the Public Test

If you have Steam installed, you’re already most of the way there.

  1. Right-click on Squad in your Library.
  2. Click “Properties”.
  3. Navigate to the BETAS tab.
  4. In the box that says, “Enter beta access code to unlock private beta:” enter the following code: squadparkourdlc
  5. Click “Check Code”.
  6. In the drop-down box above the code, select the “public-testing” branch.
  7. Click close, and your download should begin.

PLEASE NOTE: The public test version will only become available for preloading at 1500 UTC / 0700 PST. Prior to that, the current version of Alpha 9 will be available using that password. You will need to clear your cache or your key bindings will not work.

Public Test Patch Notes

Before you go playing with all your shiny new toys, let’s check the card and see what’s in the box:

  • Transition time from sprinting to aiming down sights has been increased.
  • Transition from standing to prone is no longer instant. (So long, prone diving!)
  • Crouch sprinting added.
  • Additional MOCAP data for climbing and vaulting has been integrated.
  • Vaulting now allows movement over small walls. (Parkour!)
  • Climbing now allows movement over some walls. (Parkour?)
  • Freelook has been added.
  • Weapon sway effects have been adjusted.
  • Weapon collision has been added. Be careful in tight spaces!
  • Scoped weapons have reduced peripheral vision. Reticles have been updated.
  • Ironsight zoom increased when aiming down sights.
  • Infantry weapons now have adjustable sights. This obviously does not apply to weapons with fixed sights.
  • New role: Machine gunner has been added to Squad with new primary weapons. (PKM and m240b)
  • Deployable bipods available for MGs.
  • Adjustments to address flag capture blocking.
  • Switching vehicles seats now has a delay that varies by vehicle.
  • Several vehicles now have secondary ammunition types, such as the 30mm HE rounds for the Russian BTR-82A.
  • Several vehicles now have coaxial machine guns.
  • Logistics trucks will now be able to load and unload 2000 total points worth of space which can be allocated for construction or ammunition. By default, holding Left Mouse Button will unload and holding Right Mouse Button will load. See the November Recap for more information.
  • 3-minute pre-match staging period has been added to help teams coordinate.
  • Maps: Belaya has been added with a work-in-progress weather effect.
  • Main menu UI has received first pass with new assets.

These are just some of the changes coming in Alpha 10 and a complete changelog will accompany final release. Keep an eye on these new additions and let us know how they feel. As the changes are not final providing us with your feedback will help shape the future of Squad. Join us in the #feedback-a10 channel on Discord or share your thoughts in the forums.

Known Issues

  • Cached game data must be cleared so key bindings will work.
  • Not losing stamina while crouch sprinting.
  • Bipod deployed UI.
  • Extra weapon model after revive. Swap weapons and swap back to fix.
  • Unable to vault or climb, especially after deploying bipod. Go prone and stand to fix.
  • Stuck hand model. Go prone and move to fix.
  • Uncontrolled sway, regardless of sprinting or stamina. Switch kits to fix.

Experiencing issues with something related to the patch that’s not above? Congratulations, you may have found a bug! If you’d be so kind, you can report it in the #bug-reports channel on the Squad Discord

Watching the Public Test

Away from your PC this time of year? You’re not alone, but fortunately for you (and the rest of us), some of our partner streamers will be broadcasting the action. Be sure to check in on their streams throughout the day to get your fix:

  • HAYNICK31 plans to see how the hottest competition in Squad is adjusting to the changes.
  • JohnnyOmaha has threatened to go a whole 24 hours if we let him have ALL the energy drinks.
  • Karmakut will stream from release until 6:00 PM PST.
  • running_Duck will be live as soon as the download finishes.
  • Squad Ops takes the field at 6 PM PST to show us how Squad is done.

Offworld out.