Alpha 9.12

posted on October 30, 2017

Hey Squaddies,

We’ve got some fresh layers for you, with no small thanks to community members Bill Nye and Nordic for their offerings direct from the Squad SDK. Read on for the rest of the fixes and changes.

  • Added Yehorivka AAS INF v2, Yehorivka PAAS v1 and Narva AAS v3 by Bill Nye the Science Guy.
  • Added Gorodok Vehicle Skirmish v1 by Nordic.
  • Added Al Basrah PAAS v2.
  • All invasion layers no longer allow flags being recapped by the defending team.
  • Optimized performance on Yehorivka, Kohat, Chora, Fool’s Road and OP First Light.
  • Added new grass system on Fool’s Road.
  • Vehicle claims can now be approved by SLs even when they are incapacitated.
  • Vehicle claiming is now a server config parameter “VehicleClaimingDisabled=false/true” and can be disabled on licensed servers too.
  • Fixed admin access levels: all are working now independent (without kick rights).
  • Tweaked prone player movement collision.
  • Applied a fix to Nvidia PhysX fixing a client crash.
  • Applied a fix to Nvidia PhysX fixing freezes on Linux servers.
  • Fixed certain sounds of nearby players not getting played.
  • Updated the EAC plugin.
  • Fixed a client crash on a possible timing issue on loading into a server that is changing maps.
  • Fixed a rare client crash related to the compass.
  • Fixed a crash preventing the recording of netprofiles.
  • Fixed Kokan INS main base repair stations not working
  • Removed all M1151 variants due to licensing issues and replaced them with MAT-V variants.

Offworld out.