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Squad Ops

posted on July 24, 2017

Immersive. Tactical. Teamwork.

Squad Ops is an organized community project bringing structured events focused on hardcore and immersive gameplay. Their intense cinematic matches, educational training sessions, and open events provide a unique experience for the Squad community.

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One Life Events

Squad Ops hosts one life events multiple nights weekly for participants, providing something for everybody.

  • Convoys
  • Raids
  • Patrols
  • Rescue Missions
  • Escorts
  • Search and Destroy
  • FOB Assaults
  • Supply Missions
  • Area Defense
  • And many more!

Tactics and Training

New to Squad and need the basics? Squad Ops Tactical Training has dedicated instructors that provide hands on training for new and experienced players alike. Want to learn more about advanced tactics or assets? SOTT also provides dedicated training sessions to familiarize players with newer concepts. Training sessions are structured to provide valuable and relevant information for both public play and hardcore events.

Immersive Mods

Squad Ops also has a dedicated mod development team focused on bringing a truly immersive experience to each and every operation. They are constantly working on everything from basic modifications including sprint speed changes and customized mini-maps; to more complex systems such as artificial intelligence and pathfinding.

Join the Squad Ops Discord to learn about some of the exciting projects in their development pipeline:

  • Minefields
  • Minimalist UI/HUD
  • Illumination rounds
  • AI – Friend & Rebel Civilians
  • AI – Responsive Enemies

Open Events

Each week, Squad Ops hosts open events for any and all players interested. Everyone is welcome to join and participate in the action. Squad Ops also provides public servers for vanilla Squad gameplay. Visit to register for events and be sure to check out their calendar for all future operations.

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