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The Wrench – March 2017

posted on April 14, 2017

Hi, Squaddies!

Welcome to the March edition of the Wrench! Once again we have some exciting developments in the world of modding. To start off the article, as many of you may know the community made map Al-Basrah has been added to the game! The map, created by ChanceBrahh, with help from Axton, Assifuah, and Stom, was released last week with much praise from the community. If you haven’t yet, be sure to hop into a server yourself and experience the truly different gameplay that it offers.

North African WWII assets by James Mainwaring

Resident Modder Baby James has been working on some WW2 era creations, and he plans to make more. So far they’re looking great, and we can’t wait to see what he makes next!

Dolina by TheRed

Dolina will present some tactical quandaries. Vehicles will be a must, at 4x4km. It’s a combined arms map that provides an array of strategically valuable points to contest in a large, open and varied environment. From rolling hills of farmland and forestry to lush plains and wet marshland, this is a sparsely populated rural area, defined by the confluence of two rivers that cut a swathe through the terrain.

There will be both AAS and INS versions.

Sarau by Noxxid3

Inspired by Kashan Desert from Project Reality which was originally created by Duckhunt, Sarau is an 8km2 map focused on combined arms combat. The centerpiece of the map is a large military facility in the Sarau Desert. The facility itself offers medium to close quarters engagements for infantry. You can expect most of the vehicle combat to play out in the wide, open desert and oil fields around the military facility which offer medium to long range engagements.

Karasu by Drecks

Drecks has been working on an Eastern European map inspired by Gorodok. So far it includes some small villages, an abandoned base, and numerous other objectives all set in a rural, hilly environment.

A-10 by Axton

Axton has continued his blueprint experiments, this time with an A-10 Gunrun called in by a squadlead. Check it out:

YouTube video


Really some amazing developments going on with Squad as well as in the community, we hope you are enjoying these reads as much as we are enjoying collecting and presenting them to you.

Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.

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