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The Wrench – January 2017

posted on February 15, 2017

Hi Squaddies,

Hope everyone had a nice January and started the year well. The Modding Community never ceases to surprise us with their talent and creativity and we’re excited to highlight some of the projects that are being worked on right now. In other news, I hope all of you took a good look at this month’s Squad Development Recap – some exciting things in there for all of us. Let’s dive straight into what our Community came up with!

ПОМЗ-2 by Chap

Chap is working on the famous ПОМЗ-2 mine (also known as POMZ for people who can’t read cyrillic). It’s his first model and it already looks great! Chap is planning on adding textures and then build a complete mine-setup inside the SDK. Looking forward to seeing more!

Deployable Window Barricades by Mumble

Quite an exciting thing we have here. Mumble is working on some new deployables including a very nice way to barricade windows that’s already looking great. We hope it finds it’s way into the game some time. Check out the video on YouTube.

Al Basrah by ChanceBraah

ChanceBraah has built quite a nice team around him for doing work on Al Basrah. This month he shows us some new screens of new buildings, new parts of the map and some new ways to keep people away from lying in the water shooting everything outside. It’s a nice solution until Squad implements underwater volumes to keep people from doing it. Great progress indeed! The team he is surrounded by consists of Axton, Assifuah, Stom and Narmix. A video of the water damage is available for your viewing pleasure.

Serene by TheFlash

Another month, another update on Serene. And each time it starts to look better and better. The Flash did another pass on vegetation and started adding some details like guard rails. Also, the first buildings have been placed.

Snow Material by Axton

Axton worked on an automatic snow material function that can place snow on top of elements. It keeps the roughness and the normals information from the original material, so it’s really easy to convert a map to a snowy setting. Great stuff!

Mk 19 Grenade Launcher by Ben

Ben started to work on the legendary Mk 19 Grenade Launcher. You can check out the start of the 3D model, he plans to implement it into the SDK and add textures and animations for it.

Middle Eastern Buildings by Assifuah

Assifuah is now helping out the team around ChanceBraah with some building assets that already look great and we can’t wait to see them inside the map once we are able to play around in it. The buildings already have full interior layouts that will sure take a while to clear out with enemies dug in.

Really some amazing developments going on with Squad as well as in the community, I hope you are enjoying these reads as much as we are enjoying collecting and presenting them to you.

Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.

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