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The Wrench – December 2016

posted on January 16, 2017

Hi Squaddies,

Welcome to the new year! We hope you all had a nice new year’s and are as excited as we are for 2017, as well as what it will bring to Squad and the Modding Scene. So let’s take a final look back at 2016 and see what has happened in the month of love, food and family quarrels.

Techie Seats by Mumble

As you may have noticed in the Alpha 8.9 update of Squad, several Technicals got more seats in them. This originated in the Modding Community where Mumble came up with the poses. Congratulations on contributing to the game!

Squad NEXT LEVEL Wallpaper by Michiel Dankmeijer

Michiel is working on some nice wallpapers for all your Squad needs, he posted them in the forums as well as showing progress on his YouTube channel, you can check it out there. It’s a great watch.

40mm Airburst GL by Ben

Ben is working on a 40mm airburst grenade for the current M203 grenade launcher in Squad. There will also be a M320 add-on to be implemented together with these high explosives. You can check out the current progress on his YouTube channel.

Tropical Combat Zone by Marv

Marv, one of the very active mappers in the Community Modding Discord, came up with a new Tropical level he is currently working on. Combat on this map will take place at close distances - it will be hasty and brutal. Dense foliage, huge trees and some rocks will block visibility, while fog and ambient effects create an immersive jungle combat experience. The map will be a small, infantry only map.

Yamalo by Axton

Axton, also a mapper of fame in the Community Modding Discord, is working on Yamalo. It is based upon Project Reality’s Yamalia with its beautiful forest and grassland environment. It will, however, feature a new layout with some new points of interest to keep the experience exciting and fresh.

Serene by The Flash

Regular readers know this one already, but The Flash has rebuilt Serene from the ground up and included some underground tunnels. The Northern and Southern sides of the map are now split up by a small mountain range.

Al Basrah by ChanceBrahh

ChanceBrahh, who already made the Squad version of Kokan which is in the game now, is working on Al Basrah. He is now teamed up with SirrCharles, a 3D Artist from the Community Modding Discord who will help him out with assets. Together, with some help from Axton, they will continue to build the real Al Basrah experience to Squad.

Dzhungli by dsiOne

Featuring an old military complex and forested areas, this Militia vs. Russian Forces map is on track to become a great Squad level. It will feature engagements in swamps, woods, and decaying structures set around a large river and cliff face.

That’s all for this month Squaddies! I hope you enjoyed the read and we’re looking forward to next month’s submissions.

Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.

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