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Squad Up 4 Stack-Up

posted on November 9, 2016

Hi Squaddies,

The countdown is on, Squad Up 4 Stack-Up is happening this Friday and we want you to get in on the action. On November 11th well be fundraising for Stack-Up, our charity partner committed to serving veterans with the power of gaming. Our goal is to raise $20,000 for them by December 31st of this year and we are currently sitting at $10,812. We are going to need everyone’s help to hit our goal but we plan to make it worth your while!

The Details

This Friday will be an 7 hour Squad extravaganza – we’ll be streaming battles between developers and streamers, hosting Q&A sessions with developers, Battling it out in our random 4 vs 4 CQB maze and giving away a bevy of prizes.

Our friends in both the developer community and the streaming community will be joining the fray.

Developers from Battalion 1944, ARMA, Insurgency, Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm 2, Onward and of course the Squad developers themselves will all be joining us for the event.

In addition, over 40 streamers and over 2 million of their followers will be joining us in celebrating Veterans Day and supporting Stack-Up through donations and prize giveaways.

The Squad Ops crew will be streaming it’s unique one life Squad missions, and the Community Clan Fight Night crew will be kicking it off with a 72 player clan vs clan battle! Should be pretty intense

Stick around for the prizes

Throughout the day we’ll be giving updates on the fundraiser and handing out oodles of prizes.

Prizes Up for Grabs

  • 3 x GTX Geforce 1070 video cards (Courtesy of Offworld Industries)
  • 5 x Logitech Keyboards (Courtesy of Logitech)
  • 5 x Logitech Mice (Courtesy of Logitech)
  • 5 x Squad Custom Hoodies (Courtesy of Offworld Industries)
  • 10 x Squad Custom Shirts (Courtesy of Offworld Industries)
  • 4 x Battalion 1944 Early Access Packs (Courtesy of Bulkhead Interactive)
  • 5 x Killing Floor 2 (Courtesy of Tripwire Interactive)
  • 5 x Rising Storm (Courtesy of Tripwire Interactive)
  • 20 x Squad (Courtesy of Offworld Industries)
  • 5 x Warhammer Vermintide (Courtesy of StackUp)
  • 5 x Ark: Survival Evolved (Courtesy of StackUp)
  • 8 x Onward (VR) (Courtesy of Downpour Interactive)
  • 10 x Heliborne (Courtesy of StackUp)
  • 5 x Move or Die (Courtesy of StackUp)
  • 5 x ShadowGate (Courtesy of StackUp)
  • 5 x The Ball (Courtesy of Tripwire Interactive)

We hope you join us from 12 PM PDT to 7PM PDT on November 11th!

Another good way to support Stack-Up is through the Squad Store, where $5 from every item purchased goes directly to them to support US, NATO, and Australian/New Zealand veterans. Lets make this $20,000 goal for Stack-Up a reality!

Offworld out.