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Steam Summer Sale 2016

posted on June 23, 2016

Steam Summer Sale 2016

Squad is proud to be part of the Steam 2016 Summer Sale, and will be available at a 25% discount from regular retail price, which is US$30 or regional equivalent.

Gamers on average have 22 hours of gameplay in Squad, and that’s just the current infantry-only Alpha 6. This is the one and only chance to buy on sale before vehicles are released in Alpha 7 this summer. This is also the first time Squad has been discounted since winning the 2015 Editors Choice Award for Best Upcoming Game.

And to answer the often asked question, yes this Steam Sale price is a Buy once, own forever purchase, with continued content updates over the next year and a half as both Squad and the Unreal Engine 4 continue to add content and features.

Squad Modding SDK released on Epic Launcher

In conjunction with Epic Games, Inc., the developers at Offworld Industries are proud to announce the release of the official Squad SDK, you can download it today by clicking the Get Unreal button at

The core of Offworld Industries were members of the Project Reality Mod for Battlefield 2, as well as RoyAwesome being the Lead Developer for Empires Mod for Half-Life 2. We are where we are today because of the access to mod the files of our favorite games years ago. The team has had a goal since the first days of this company to Pay It Forward and release a full SDK to the public to open up Squad to modding and assist the next generation of realism FPS modders bring about the next iteration of tactical teamwork based, paced and strategic FPS. Several founders will devote substantial amounts of their time bridging between the modding community and the official branch.

To celebrate Squad gaining a SDK tab next to Ark and Paragon, RoyAwesome is a guest on the Unreal Engines official Twitch channel, on Thursday June 23rd 2PM Eastern, 6PM GMT HERE live, you can watch the replay video here later this week to learn more about the future of Squad modding and the nearly 1500 member Modding community that has grown on Discord.

Vehicles will be inbound in late July

  • Q. What do you call a Lada at the top of a hill?
  • A. A miracle

Substitute Lada for Squad in-game vehicles. Substitute climbing hill for 9 months of developer coding. Remember to maintain discipline and not skyline your vehicle in game or the ATGMs and RPGs will get you. The good news, you will be able to drive a vehicle to the top of a ridgeline in Squad by the end of July.


With the Summer Sale comes new Squaddies. Let’s welcome them and get them up to speed.

Squad has a learning curve. The learning curve is Squad cost of entry to this world of tactical gameplay, as actions, reactions, and inactions all have round changing consequences.

We ask veterans to adopt a new player, and we ask new players to speak up and let people know you’re learning the ropes, we come from a 10 year strong modding community where communication, camaraderie and sportsmanship are the cornerstones of our success, to help get your feet wet we have several places to start:

Squad Organised Play

Itching for some competitive and special event Squad? Check out the following:

  • SquadOps sponsored by BlueFangSolutions at A structured role-play style event running each weekend, for those that want to take their Squad experience to the next level.
  • Squad League organized clan vs clan tournaments at Currently running exhibition matches!
  • Community Clan Fight Night, a weekly event for the last 26 weeks and growing.

EFusion livestream on

On Monday June 27, at 2 PM Eastern, 16:00 GMT, RoyAwesome and SgtRoss will be guests on the EFusion livestream on the frontpage of You can check them out here: EFusion will be kicking off Monday, and will run all week with video game industry developers and celebrities dropping in for livestream events.

Offworld out.