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Recap – May 2016

posted on June 3, 2016

Hi Squaddies,

Hot on the heels of V6, it’s time for the Monthly Recap! While most of the month was dedicated to working on the Alpha V6 release, there was still work going on that is in preparation for much further down the track. It’s in these recaps where we gather and explain all that has happened behind the scenes during the month that has passed.



Now that the Emplacements milestone has been hit, we are concentrating all our efforts to bring Vehicles into the following version (V7) of the Alpha. Just to recap the vehicles that are production ready are as pictured below, US Army M939 Truck, Insurgent Technical; Russian BTR-80 configured with a 14.5mm KPVT turret and finally the Ural 375D truck used by Russian and Militia forces. Our current plan involves preparing the above vehicles for upcoming major Alpha updates.

Our artists are hard at work crafting the animations, effects, sounds and gameplay systems needed to finally bring Vehicles to the fray.



Apartment Blocks

Our talented artists have been hard at work creating a new multi-storey apartment block that will be used in most Eastern European maps. Taking inspiration and references from real life, we’re expecting this set to really add to not only the immersion factor of our maps but also present a real awesome tactical challenge to Squads entering urban combat operations. As you can see it’s still a heavy work in progress with many assets still in progress, but its development over such a short amount of time has been very encouraging.

SKS Rifle

Switching gears to weapons, a new weapon previously unseen but has been in the works is the SKS, a Soviet semi-automatic carbine chambered for the 7.62x39mm round (same round as the AKM). Loaded by 10-round stripper clips, while it lacks the automatic firepower of its more modern assault rifle counterparts, it makes up for with a slightly higher muzzle velocity and better weapon stability.

PPSH41 Submachine Gun

While we’re still on weapons, the PPSH41 showed up in a previous recap months ago, we apologise for the amount of time it’s taken to show this iconic Soviet era weapon again but as we’re pushing more weapons through the pipeline, the more we can show off! Animation is one of the last stages before final implementation into the game from the art department, so expect this weapon to be in a future Alpha version.

TT33 Pistol

Another weapon aimed at militia and insurgent forces is the TT33 pistol. Designed to supplement the already implemented Makarov, it fires the larger 7.62x25mm Tokarev pistol round and has more theoretical stopping power than the Makarov.



More progress has been made on Yehorivka, and it is looking fabulous with its big wide open expanses and lakes.

Modding Community

Before we sign off we’d like to do a little showcase of the work thats going on in the Squad Modding scene! With the soft launch of the SDK last month, many budding artists and modders have banded together and started creating some very interesting projects within the engine. Presenting this little corner is Squads Modding Community leader, Zeno.

Squad Modding Hub

The Squad Community Modding Hub was created by Zeno(me) and Mitsu back in late december last year. This was a push from us, to create a common ground for all modders in the Squad family, regardless of project size and previous experience. This resulted in a Discord server, that serves as a gathering point for everyone that seek to make squad greater (again)! Originally we consisted of a handful of dedicated modders with widely ranging skillsets, from industry professionals to people who had never touched a game editor before. But as Squad is growing, so are we as a modding community, and the Squad Modding Hub now consist of 1000+ members, all eager to see what the future will bring for Squad Modding.

The main goal for us is to provide the best possible assistance and experience for people who wish to explore and expand Squad as a game. We will work to promote modding and mods, create tutorials and guidelines, assist with troubleshooting and testing, and in general be a great place to hang around.

So if you are a person who really wish to have an impact on the future of Squad, by creating the changes and content that will take this game to a whole new level, Join us today!

Co-creator of Squad Modding Hub

Squad Modding Hub on Discord:

Heres a small snippet of what the community has been working on!

For more information, the modding community also releases a monthly newsletter called The Wrench, which you can find in the modding section of the forums HERE.

We hope you all enjoyed this month’s recap, it’s going to even MORE busy here at Offworld Industries as we grind away at getting Vehicles finally into the game!

Offworld out.