Version 3

posted on December 4, 2015

Version 3 will soon be releasing on Steam as a lead in to our Early Access launch on the 15th. Steam keys which provide the new version will be sent out shortly via email to all Founders (those in the Squad Leader tier and up).


Major Features

The Russians and Militia enter the fray!

Prepare your war calls, as you join the Russians Ground Forces on the hunt. This Kickstarter stretch goal has been in development to debut as our first inhouse character models, and we’re ready to showcase the Russian face-off against the Militia faction. We snuck in the irregular Militia as our second inhouse character model set, which will be modular to match the theater/locale of future maps. Special mention to our finalized AK74M and RPK74M models in-game.

New Map: Fools Road

Featuring Russia vs Militia, Fools Road is the first Eastern European map! Experience the rolling hills and dense forests, showing off the power of the Unreal Engine.

Fought over for years in our prior mod, this is one of the legacy maps we are updating into UE4 to give a nod to our history, the map is still in development and the roadside ambushes arrive soon, for now we push game play into the forested hills on the road to Dylym village.

New Map: Sumari Bala

You wanted urban environments? You got it. A much denser and more claustrophobic map, Sumari Bala is a literal maze of slums, market complexes and alleyways designed to confuse and disorient ill-prepared squads. This map is also still in development, and we will be continuing to add, expand and detail the city in future iterations. But for now this will be a taster!

New Map: Jensens Range

The training map, Jensens Range, has been added to the Training button! Featuring pop-up targets, multiple types of shooting ranges and combat environments, Jensens Range is the perfect place to get familiar with weapon mechanics or just polish up your skills.

Steam Support

Squad is now on Steam for Founders backers! With this patch you will no longer have to log in to the game, and all the steam features are enabled!

Improved New Player tooltips

With the upcoming Steam Early Access release, weve done a pass on our UI to improve the new player usability, adding Tooltips, better wording to explain how to spawn and get in game, as well as a number of other useful hints for new players. We will continue to add to these as we approach our December 15th Early Access release.

Role Limits

We have implemented a system of Kit Role limitations that takes into account how many kits are limited to the entire team (and not just Squads), as well as the range and diversity of kit roles that are available to different sized Squads. Generally the more populous a squad is, the more Roles open to members of that squad there are.

Updated Tracer and Explosion Effects

In case you missed the November Recap, we have updated Tracer and Explosion effects with greater visual fidelity. Best to see for yourselves!

Unreal Engine 4.10 Update

Weve updated to UE4.10, which includes many performance improvements, including a possible fix to the performance issues with AMD CPUs.

In addition to the above additions, below is a changelog for Version 3.

Balance Changes

  • Added a 2x recoil modifier to all weapons when firing not in ADS
  • Added Aimpoint to the M4M203
  • Added AKM+GP25 variation for Militia
  • Added RPK74 and AKS74 variations for Militia
  • Added MP443 for Russia
  • Added AK74M and RPK74M for Russia
  • Added traditional M4 with 3 round burst for Militia
  • Added M249 with iron sights for Militia
  • Added correct colored smoke to all grenade launchers
  • Set default fire mode of the AK74M rifles to semi auto
  • Increased the front sight post on nearly all AK and RPK variants
  • Differentiated the way the RPGs frag round and the M72s rocket applies damage
  • Added new map boundaries for Logar to prevent people camping on the hills at the edges of the map
  • All squad leader weapons now correctly fire tracer rounds every 3rd shot. This applies to all 4 factions
  • Removed all sandbag and concrete based fortifications from the Insurgents faction
  • Remade several deployable fortifications
  • Fixed HESCO walls being easily breached when un-shoveling them
  • Limited kits now become available once a minimum amount of players are present in your squad and on your team
  • Limited kits now scale with the amount of people in your squad and on your team
  • Some factions have alternative versions of kits available at certain squad sizes
  • The limits and available kit variations depends on the faction.
  • A squad is limited to how many special kits they can have from each category: Command & Support, Fire Support, Specialist
  • If you leave or get kicked from a squad, you will immediately be given a recruit kit instead of the kit you had claimed. Ammo, bandages and smoke grenades will be transferred to this kit so you don’t gain any additional equipment from leaving.
  • Shortened M4 series dry reload

Misc Changelog

  • Squad Leaders can now kick unruly players from their squads! Once kicked, there is a cooldown before they can rejoin.
  • Servers can now be password protected, indicated by a lock in their entry on the server browser
  • Added new separate reload animations for the AKM and AK74 series
  • Fixed a number of issues where bandaging and medic bags would fail to detect a dead player. Reviving is much easier now.
  • Added a new UI element that pops up and displays when certain important events happen, like being kicked from a squad, lost connection to a server, or when trying to join a server and failing.
  • Optimization pass on Particle effects and sprite textures, decreasing their video memory usage and improving rendering speed.
  • Optimization pass on Weapon Textures, again decreasing their video memory usage and improving rendering speed.
  • Fixed a number of missing faces and LODs on many environmental models.
  • Modified the default AntiAliasing settings for a crisper picture
  • Exposed many AntiAliasing and Shadow settings to the options menu.
  • Updated Logar with Static Randomizers
  • Fixed building reverb effects not working as intended.
  • Fixed a number of Post Processing issues on Logar
  • Fixed incorrect Scaling parameters on Logars post processing.
  • Fixed an issue where clients would see an incorrect respawn timer when the timer was delayed due to enemies present.
  • Prone Players can no longer fall off ledges
  • Implemented a system to stop wall leaning
  • Added various new static environment models
  • Added modular village houses
  • Added falling metal targets with distinct audible hit sounds. Some targets take one hit to knock down, others will require several hits.
  • Added a green variation of the HESCO barriers for temporary use for the Russian faction
  • Fixed weapon collisions with the ground when dropped
  • Increased the size of the ammo crate icon on the map so it is easier to locate
  • Added more map zoom levels
  • Russia has a unique skin for the RPG-7
  • Added new explosion effects, the RPGs frag round and the M72 now have different explosion effects
  • Added 3 additional skin variations to the Insurgents faction for greater variance
  • Soldiers models on Russia and Militia are now associated with the role you spawn in as
  • Fixed a number of audio sources blocking other sound classes
  • Tooltips added for kit selection
  • Fixed aim sensitivity to be persistent across maps

Known Issues

  • MSAA does not function as intended
  • Scope Jitter is present when standing away from the centre of map

Offworld out.