Version 2.1 Hotfix

posted on November 2, 2015

A hoy-hoy. Its Offworld, with a very quick update.

We are putting out a hotfix for a number of pressing issues with the Closed Alpha Version 2 Build, mainly dealing with some gameplay and immersion breaking issues and bugs.

Below is a changelog of what is going into the V2.1 Hotfix, and another reminder that this is going to be a full build download.


  • Fixed shovels not being able to destroy deployable assets
  • Deployables now change state at 1/3rd and 2/3rds of their max health
  • Medic HUD now shows when players need bandaging when they are incapacitated on the ground.
  • Fixed Field Dressing and Medic bag collision issues, meaning players could not heal when lying down
  • Some quality of life changes to the player Bleeding Icon
  • Fixed community admin not being able to kick players
  • Disabled annoying admin notifications of failed shots
  • Fixed numerous client-side crashes
  • Fix some issues with inventory widget not showing the correct icon depending on what is left in multi-slot inventory locations.
  • Added physics to UGL smoke grenade projectiles
  • Added Local VoIP volume slider, out of game volume slider, and allowed volume increases beyond 100.
  • Fixed scoreboard player name sizes so that more players will show up on the scoreboard.
  • Fixed grammatical error in ruleset text for certain game modes.
  • Fixed missing weapon cache icons after one gets destroyed.
  • Added Orange attack and Purple defend colour coding to the Insurgency cache map icons for clarity.
  • Fixed ACOG being too dark, especially on night maps
  • Fixed a Rally Point related crash
  • Added display name to game modes that can be used to show display names in the server browser.
  • Fixed naming on the other rulesets and game modes.
  • Fixed Voice volume level slider
  • Added Radio Filter on/off button in the settings
  • Fixed audio reverb issues on certain locations on Kohat and Logar
  • Fixed Conquest game mode not displaying Conquest on the server browser
  • Fixed Territory Control displaying incorrect team as the winner
  • Fixed a number of instances where players could exploit wall geometry and fire through solid objects
  • We’d like to thank our community for their patience!

Offworld out.