Week #5

posted on August 21, 2015

Its the middle of another week, Squaddies. I think you all know what that means!

This week will be another round of important bug fixes and some critical changes to the spawning mechanics which should change the fundamental nature of the game and bring it more in line with our vision for the future. In addition for next week, we are aiming to get out some new features (finally!), so by no means is development during Closed Pre-Alpha slowing down!

The next session will begin Friday 6AM GMT/Thursday 11PM PST, and run for 72 hours until Monday 6AM GMT/Sunday 11PM PST.

Commander, Ranger and Airborne level Kickstarter Backers can Pre-Load the Closed Pre-Alpha NOW via the link on the pre-alpha site.

Full Changelog

  • Changes to Rally Point mechanics (Requires squad leader and one additional squad member within 50m to place).
  • Changes to FOB spawning rules (Respawn timer increased to 15sec from 10sec, 2 or more enemies in the capture radius, 60m, disables spawning).
  • Fix to FOB placement rules (FOBs will require a squad leader and two team members within 8m to place).
  • Fix to scoreboard ping display.
  • Added server-side validation of shots and threw out shots that aren’t valid.
  • Fixed both shell casing collision bug that made it float on surfaces and Wood bullet hit rotating decal.
  • Prevented full auto looping nodes from playing continuously in some circumstances.
  • Updated south river of Kohat and increased cull distance on river trees
  • Modified dirt/gravel bullet hit sounds (plays on afghan mud walls)
  • Added a plastic material for plastic water containers and other plastic objects, with associated impact effects and sounds.
  • Added ceramic tile bullet hit sounds assigned to pot materials
  • Increased volume on sprint footstep sounds
  • Fixed weapon fire volume being too low for under certain circumstances.
  • Changed the AK74 fire sounds to sound more like the previous fire sounds.
  • Added flesh wound decals to all player characters.
  • Allowed audio at half-volume when outside of the game window.

Aside from the coming weekends worth of gaming, Squad will also be at Pax Prime this year, on level 6, booth 6902. Come along, play the game, meet the devs and generally hang out with us! (we dont bite…)

Offworld out.