Week #4

posted on August 14, 2015

A double-hoy, Squaddies. You know what time it is!

They call it CPA for short, we’re 28 Days Afflicted, Squad Medics baffled, You say there are more out there trying to get into this war? Madness.

And they ask every day, what’s new? Filling out the maps, rebuilding of the movement system, bullet damage and hit detection being upgraded, to name a few. Systems for gunfire sounds updated again, auditory atmospherics being improved constantly. The updates we’re working on are big enough we can not possibly push them out en-masse, and will take several updates to be made ready for public consumption. We’ve focused on hit detection for this weekend, effort spearheaded by our talented programming team with the likes of RoyAwesome and Kory, with word coming down that it’s time for public play test on full servers.
Commander, Ranger and Airborne level Kickstarter Backers can Pre-Load the Closed Pre-Alpha via the link on the pre-alpha site within the next day or two, so check the pre-alpha site and the forums for the latest.

The next session will begin Saturday 6AM GMT/Friday 11PM PST, and run for 72 hours until Tuesday 6AM GMT/Monday 11PM PST.

Not much in terms of new features but there are plenty more bug-fixes and performance improvements!

Full Changelog (Version 1866)

  • Improved hit detection in high server load situations
  • Fixed a major performance issue related to animations (now in C++)
  • Added a portable toilet environment prop (shitter was full!)
  • Fixed a major performance issue related to animations (some heavy math code was in Blueprint. It’s now in C++ which should help with performance)
  • Fixed breathing sounds not following the camera when leaning
  • Fixed several issues where stamina was being used when it shouldn’t be
  • Added a bunch of ambient sounds for rivers and streams
  • Graphical Updates to Kohat
  • Fixed Kohat Conquest
  • Updated the south river of Kohat
  • Updated Logar with new rocks and fields. Also added a Gas Station
  • Added better handling of full auto looping when shooting a single shot.
  • Added proper looping sounds for the M249, M4, and AK47
  • M67/F1 Grenade Updates

Once again we want to thank everyone who’s getting in on the Closed Pre-Alpha and continuing to support us via our Rifleman and Squad Leader packs. The Closed Alpha will be announced in due time, but for the moment we’re hunkering down and trying to make the CPA and the game as a whole a much better experience in the long run!

Offworld out.