Week #3

posted on August 6, 2015

Squaddies, a hoy-hoy. Its Offworld, with more news on the Squad Closed Pre-Alpha.

We just wanted to say thanks to all our backers and community members who managed to play over the weekend that has passed, despite the various issues relating to the build at the time. As a consequence, over the past few days we’ve been heavily bug-squashing, and so we feel that this coming access weekend should be much better in terms of client and server performance, making YOUR playtest experience that much better!

Kickstarter Backers can Pre-Load the game via the link on the pre-alpha site.

Lastly, find out the most up to date information (Builds, status, etc) via this Forum Post.

The next session will begin Friday 6AM GMT/Thursday 11PM PST, and run for 72 hours until Monday 6AM GMT/Sunday 11PM PST.

Not much in terms of new features but there are plenty of bug-fixes and performance improvements!

Full Changelog (Version 1776)

  • When a flag is lost in AAS mode, the side who lost the flag loses tickets as well
  • Fixed missing tree collisions
  • Fixed a crash where player dies without a valid controller
  • Fixed end of match full auto looping firing sound bug
  • Fixed scoreboard to show team player counts and total scores
  • Fixed Crouch to Prone/Prone to Crouch positional glitching in third person
  • Fixed maps to reduce LOD popping from occurring so often
  • Removed Distance Field shadows for now on all maps to massively improve performance
  • Prevented server from playing impact FX, improving server performance
  • Fixed team switching bug that prevented players from switching teams when they should have been allowed to
  • Fixed scored points for teamkills from +10 to -20
  • Adjusted anti-aliasing on all maps
  • Reduced shininess on roads and Kohat terrain
  • Updated particle effects to look more realistic and less like “Coco Puffs”
  • Switched login window links to point to the Prealpha site
  • Updated backblast to look more realistic
  • Shortened Pistol deploy animations down to 0.9 secs

Before we sign off we want to show another awesome video from our community, this time oOParaOo stepping up to the challenge and trying out the Squad Leader role.

YouTube video

Offworld out.