Week #2

posted on July 30, 2015

Hi Squaddies!

It’s time to bring you the latest news on the Squad Closed Pre-Alpha.

While some of us are recovering from the awesomeness that was the opening weekend to the Squad Closed Pre-Alpha, we’re still certainly forging ahead and preparing for the next week of gaming and play-testing.

The next session will begin Saturday 6AM GMT / Friday 11PM PST, and run for 72 hours until Tuesday 6AM GMT / Monday 11PM PST.

All Commander, Airborne and Ranger level backers should have received their emails with their Pre-Alpha keys by now, but for those still without access please contact support (at)

Without any further ado, here’s what we have in store for the coming weekend.

Major Feature Updates


You can now go prone. This is the first iteration of this feature so it is subject to a lot more development.


Kills, Deaths, Flag captures, and many more events are now scored. Kill score is only updated on your scoreboard after you die, so you can’t confirm kills through score updates on the scoreboard.

Experimental – Conquest Gamemode

This weekend we are testing an experimental Conquest gamemode on Kohat. It features 3 flags with custom ticket bleed rules over a completely unexplored area of Kohat.

With this test map, we are also testing the back-end systems for supporting different gamemode types. While we have no plans to release with a conquest gamemode, this helps us bug fix our systems as well as play around with different styles of gameplay. We are very curious to hear your feedback from this gamemode.

Full Changelog (Version 1710)

  • Fixed tracers looking too small
  • Fixed the server losing track of the admins after a map switch
  • Fixed a rare server crash when player without a valid login session joins a server
  • Player scores are now updated. Score additions related to kills are only shown after the player dies
  • Fixed ping being added together for the team and squad in the scoreboard.
  • Fixed ping being incredibly incorrect.
  • Increased the max length of a player name displayed ingame.
  • Added a method to do full auto looping. This should reduce the stuttering when firing
  • Added a notification to the killing player (and admins) when a player is teamkilled.
  • Fixed the Medic Icon being white instead of red when players were at 0-25 hp
  • Replaced the sound for healing to be more realistic
  • Added Prone (First pass, many animation issues)
  • Added a new splash screen
  • Fixed a bug where you could ride grenades into the air
  • Fixed an issue where bullets would collide with the gun and fail to fire.
  • Fixed a server performance issue related to bullet creation.
  • Updated Kohat Day
  • Added Ambient Sounds to Kohat
  • Added end caps to the bridge railings
  • Added LODs to bricks and breezeblocks
  • Crouch is now taken into account with stamina regeneration.
  • Fixed the camera under the ground in Kohat Dawn
  • Updated the exclusion zone fail reason to be more clear.
  • Added Un-Cappable flags with a unique icon.
  • Added a new flag capture widget for new flags.
  • Players can no longer join teams if it would make the team unbalanced
  • Character movement has been updated to have more weight and momentum
  • Added a new healing HUD icon that does not move off screen while a person is being healed.
  • Added Kohat Sunrise, a new AAS Map set in a unique part of Kohat
  • Added Kohat Conquest, an experimental Conquest map
  • Added an Ironsights M4 Rifleman Kit Role for the US Army.
  • Slightly tweaked bone damage modifiers. Weapons should perform a little better now
  • Smoke Grenade effect starts quicker
  • Updated tree LODs to decrease the popping on midrange systems
  • Removed the sidearm from some kits that shouldn’t have it (eg: US Rifleman)
  • Updated the medic icon to not fall off the screen when healing
  • Added an indication for how much health a player has when healing
  • Grenades are now resupplied from the ammo box

We would like to also showcase the absolutely beautiful cinematography in this video done by backer Nostave.

YouTube video

Offworld out.