Week #1

posted on July 20, 2015

Hi Squaddies!

Its Offworld, this time bringing you the latest on Closed Pre-Alpha access.

The Ranger Weekend has opened to great success with backers who have pledged at the Ranger tiers getting first dibs on playing the game. Many-a-round has been played with tonnes of teamwork and intense firefights, keeping our Rangers hooked for hours on end.

To let people know where we are on the timeline.

For our Commander and Airborne backers, Closed Pre Alpha access is scheduled to open on the Friday, 24th of July, at 3PM GMT / 8AM PST.

Access for all Closed Pre Alpha tiers will only be available on the weekends, and alternating Fridays/Mondays. This opening weekend on the 24th will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The following weekend session will be Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The reason is that we as a team feel that the Closed Pre Alpha will be healthier experience in the long run if we focus activity to the weekends as we need a maximum concentration of players to test the netcode, as well as across a wide selection of hardware configurations. Finally it gives our small team the time during the week to concentrate on bug fixes and new features.

Keys will be distributed by email, and once you have keys you will get access to the newest build.

Lastly, find out the most up to date information (Builds, status, etc) via this Forum Post.

For our Ranger backers who already have access to the Closed Pre Alpha, here’s a changelog of new fixes and additions that have been put into place since the opening of the weekend.

Changelog since Ranger Weekend Opening

  • Fixed Spawning Bug that prevents you from spawning under certain conditions
  • Fixed the FOB Status widget persisting after map switch
  • Fixed a case where FOB spawns would clip into the ground and players would be unable to spawn
  • Added ShowNextMap console command for all players
  • Fixed Map Rotation favoring Kohat all the time
  • Fixed enemies showing up on the minimap when you first join the server
  • Added the Light Anti-Tank Kit to the US Army and the M72A7 LAW
  • Fixed the Insurgent Shovel not properly casting shadows
  • Fixed tracers looking like tennis balls during the daylight and having an odd yellow tone
  • Adjusted Voice Attenuation, making local voices easier to hear from further away
  • Decreased the shovel digging sound

For those still waiting to get their hands on the pre-alpha, we have plenty of hot-off-the-press video content from the week that was for you to enjoy.

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video

More Video Content from our Youtube partners and Developers is available via this Youtube Playlist!

Finally, we just want to say thank you to all our backers and our community for being so patient while we sort out the final show-stopping bugs. Cant wait to see you all in the game!

Offworld out.