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Recap – June 2015

posted on July 4, 2015

We had our Kickstarter campaign, which pulled in close to $449,000 CAD (Paypal backers included), officially 244% of our funding goal! We wish to thank the over 4,500 backers who saw and believed in our vision for the tactical shooter genre.

Without any further adieu, lets have a look at what went down in development-land over the month of June.


  • Upgraded game to use Unreal Engine 4.8
  • Added Russia as a playable faction, with placeholder content
  • Added bullet snaps, cracks and whizzes, you are no longer in doubt if you are getting shot at!
  • Added first iteration of ballistics to all firearms. Bullet drop and damage decay is now a thing.
  • Started work on second iteration of UI, with special focus on map interaction, map-drawing and squad management tools
  • Experimenting with distance field shadows to increase visual fidelity of dynamic lit environments as well as increasing performance
  • Added audio cues to stamina system, removed the ability to focus as well as jump when exhausted
  • Removed field of view shift from aimed mode, and added it to a focus mechanic that ties into the stamina system
  • Added construction stages to all deployables
  • Added shovels to infantry kits, deployables now require players to shovel them to construct them
  • Replaced render to texture scopes with first iteration of an industry standard implementation
  • Adjusted the sight positions, timings and sway patterns on all weapons
  • Moved M4 with ACOG unlimited rifleman kit from DM
  • Added preparatory work for prone state
  • Improved player interaction with terrain and slopes
  • Reduced damage of 40mm grenades, lowered max ammo count and reduced number of hand grenades to counter grenade spam
  • Adjusted cull distance for soldiers to 1km, you can now see your enemies far far away, similar changes to deployables.
  • Many stability and performance improvements and long list of bug and 4.8 compatibility fixes


  • MT-LBM with BTR80 turret art asset completed
  • Remade the Aimpoint CompM4 for greater visual fidelity
  • Updated various sounds for Makarov, AK-74, RPK, M2A1 Browning, HMMWV and Shovels
  • Added various environmental sounds
  • AK74 and M4 Founder Textures completed for Kickstarter Founder level contributors
  • Added various props for interiors


  • Logar Valley – Detail pass and more built up areas
  • Logar Valley – New flag layout
  • Repurposed the Forest map to feature Russian Army vs. US Army, various changes to the map, such as removing fog, changed time of day, removing some trees, expanding playable area and new flag layout
  • Kohat Toi – New flag layout, expanded playable area for Infantry

We will be announcing shortly out plans for early Pre-Alpha access, for those people who have pledged in the Ranger, Airborne and Commander tiers, so please stay on the watch on our website, the forums and also your emails as we put out updates via Kickstarter as well.

Offworld out.