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Recap – May 2015

posted on June 3, 2015

Our Kickstarter has finally (excuse the pun) kicked off, and also its time for our monthly update in the world of Squad Development! We just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has backed us thus far, and to encourage everyone to keep on spreading the Squad name! Just because we hit our first funding goal that doesn’t mean the campaign has to end!

May was an incredibly busy month like always, particularly in preparation for Kickstarter and bringing the game to a stage where media can get a more intimate preview of the gameplay we will offer in the Early Access version of Squad. Without any further adieu..


  • Added first iteration of stamina system, limiting movement and affecting weapon sway
  • Added additional FOB functionality. Capturing, more reliable team wide spawn mechanic, passive resource generation, resource values associated with each deployable asset
  • Deployables are now team specific
  • Deployable ammo box is now able to replenish your ammo and allow you to change your kit
  • Updated radial menus for deployables and interactions with deployables
  • Improved quality of life with weapons handling, such as disabling zoom while sprinting and zooming in in hold-breath
  • Reload animations are now networked
  • Updated camera kit for media capture
  • Added a GoPro camera angle for media capture
  • Added toggleable crouch


  • Added deployable ladders to give alternative options of breaching and defending structures
  • Added a large number of various deployables assets to both teams
  • Added a very large number of environment and foliage objects
  • Added HMMWV
  • Added M2A1 heavy machine gun for both deployables and vehicle mounts
  • Various updates to damage indication on soldiers.
  • Added binoculars to Officer/Cell Leader kits
  • Added first pass animations for ammo and medic bags
  • Added SVD
  • Insurgent Sawn off Shotgun art asset completed
  • MP-443 pistol art asset completed
  • M72A7 LAW art asset completed
  • Added backblast effects for launchers
  • Added entrenching tools for both factions
  • Updated M4, AK-74 and RPK fire sounds
  • Ural 375D Truck Art Asset in Development



  • Added Kohat Toi as a playable map
  • Added many more domestic props to liven up the interiors
  • Major overhauls to Logar Valley

That’s a wrap for this month! We implore you to check out and share our Kickstarter Page, tell your friends about us, tell them that the Dev team is active and talking! Stay on the lookout for new installments of our Boot Camp series, aimed at breaking down Squad’s most basic components and a look into what separates us from other games in our genre. Till next update, have a great one!

Offworld out.