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Squad + BFPodcast

posted on April 11, 2015

Livestream with IronTaxi and Chuc
Project Leads for Squad.
Sunday 12/4
14:30 PST, 22:30 BST, 9:30 PM UTC

What better way to spend a Sunday than listening to the first live interview with the developers of Squad? Well, we can think of a few but we are all out of parachutes. Come join us for a few beers and some informal malarky while ChalkOne and PeekABoo_Bang drop some fools in a livestream playtest session. Listen in to get some insight from our Project Leads about making the game, the instant splash the Greenlight campaign has caused, and find out what the future holds for Squad.

After the Podcast, participate in a Forum Thread and have the developers answer your questions posted in the Twitch chat and in the thread.

A replay of the livestream video will be posted here on the Battlefield Podcast Youtube page within a day.

Offworld out.