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The Wrench February

Mar 15, 2017

Hi Squaddies,
Welcome to the February Edition of The Wrench! Modders have been extremely busy this month and have been working hard on not only creating new content but also taking previous projects much further by expanding and polishing. We are now seeing maps which we can already see ourselves fighting in, capturing objectives and using the newly shown vehicles in the Alpha 9 Feature Preview. So, let's jump right in and see what our amazing Modders have been up to!

Squad Mapping Tutorial Series by Axton

Axton has once again found himself in this month's wrench, this time with a tutorial series covering the basics of starting your mapping project in the SDK. For those out there who are interested in modding but haven't found a good starting place, this may be it!
Watch the whole series on YouTube

Creating A Heightmap in Blender by TheSalt

In this tutorial TheSalt covers generating a Landscape in Blender and then creating a Heightmap from that Landscape for use in a game engine. There's some great information in this tutorial for people who do not have access to World Machine or are looking for an alternative. Check out the video on YouTube.

Raid on Rostov by wunda

Raid on Rostov is an infantry focused AAS map that funnels infantry and light vehicles from the dense surrounding forests into a large munitions factory. This map is based on a real world location, in Russia, and as you can see it captures the scale really well.

Huey / Basic Helicopter Flight Model by Heedicalking

Heedicalking wanted to see how well a helicopter framework could work with blueprints alone, so he made a mod to test it out. The flight system is very basic but it has shown to be extremely fun to see in a Squad based environment and gives us a nice preview of what it could look like in the long run.
Check out the prototype on YouTube

Dzhungli by dsiOne

In dsiOne's submission of Dzhungli there are some newly finished areas which include an old airstrip on the edge of a swamp at the Northern end of the map. An artificial village has also been added which was once used for training and testing equipment. Finally, there is a large waterfall on the river that runs through the middle of the map. This is one of the three safe crossing points for infantry which will ensure gameplay is centered around important strategic locations.

MK19 by Ben

Ben has been continuing his work on the MK19, which can now be fired. As you can hear, the MK19 will bring fear into the enemy due to the continuous sound of explosions and will without a doubt force them to stay in cover. There is still some work to be done but Ben is showing steady progress on this weapon!
Check it out on YouTube

Baghak by HATTON001

An update to Hatton001's previously seen map now titled Baghak! Hatton001 is making steady progress, working his way through the valley with creeks, tunnels and a large town. This map is making an appearance onto the high risk high reward landscape keeping in tune with the overall objectives of the maps layout. Watch this space!

Landscape Assets DanielNL

DanielNL has been working on various 3D assets such as gas tanks, green houses and barns which will be a great addition to maps. He has presented us with some Sketchfab links that give you an interactive view of his assets which are shaping up to look great. As always, this is a Work in Progress content but it is coming along nicely.
Gas tanks 3D Preview
Green houses 3D Preview
Barn 3D Preview

Really some amazing developments going on with Squad as well as in the community, we hope you are enjoying these reads as much as we are enjoying collecting and presenting them to you. If you want to be a part of next month's recap, simply tell us what you are doing with this submission form.

Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.

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